Oct 19 – Nov 9, 2012: Small Paintings show

October 19th – November 9th


Kiosk Gallery extended an open call to artists of all kinds to participate in our Small Paintings exhibition, and every artist who submitted work was represented in the show.

For many artists, small paintings are a way to tackle a problem. An artist could be trying a new technique, medium, or tool. A painter may attempt to work out the confounding issues of making the multi-dimensional world fit into the boundaries of his or her canvas. For some, creating small paintings is a way to jostle themselves out of an impasse of depleted inspiration, or to mitigate the intimidation of an enormous white space awaiting paint. Small paintings can be a means to an end.

For others, small paintings are an end in themselves: an idea expressed concisely in a few strokes, or an intricately rendered scene in miniature. In this exhibition, we celebrate the ideas taking shape here and the ingenuity needed to use a small space well.


This show included work by:

Nika Winn
Marc Bosworth
Vicki Pycior Leahy
Frederick Vorder-Bruegge
Kari Porter
Brock Tremblay
Kendell Harbin
Jackie Moreno
Sam Ludwig
Julian Stropes
Adi Manka
El Max
Molly Kaderka
Bette Scheinost
Bailey Glass
Emily Kenyon
Nicolas Gogan
Garry Noland
Amy DeSitter
Twodee Weaver
Joey Jacobi
Preston Yates Drum
Eric Dodson
Mike Moreno
Stephen Proski
Kaycee Booher

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