Mission: Kiosk is an artist-run exhibition space. Our mission is to provide a platform for emerging artists to share their work, and create space for the formation of community. Since our launch in 2012, we’ve put on over 60 shows, including nearly 200 artists

Although it resembles a traditional commercial gallery, Kiosk retains a below-market commission from works sold, and puts all funds back into the operation of the space. The gallery is supported by these sales, as well as individual donations, grants, and any studio-related income from founding artists.  

Collaborate: If you are interested in showing your work at Kiosk, please email us with a quick description of your work, a bit about yourself, and several images (or a link to your portfolio).
Send to [director at kioskgallerykc dot com].



Listen, Learn, Amplify, Act: The community has been asking for transparency on what actions art organizations will take to combat systemic racism in our city and our own organization. We at Kiosk truly appreciate the work our community has done to hold us accountable, along with the art world at large – tough questions and action are both needed. We are educating ourselves on anti-racism and the damage done by the criminal justice system, and we’ve made donations to groups that work hard for justice & community healing. We hope our open call will provide an opportunity to promote more Black artists and BIPOC creators, and we remain open to ideas and collaborations from the community. These are the first steps on our path, and trust our next steps will become clear upon reflection. 

You can see a list of organizations we’ve supported, as well as our current reading list here.