Jan 18 – Feb 8 2013: Amy DeSitter – Evolution of an Idea

Black to edge

At Kiosk Gallery, one of our goals is to work with artists to help cultivate their ideas through open calls for artists (and the subsequent exhibitions), and through conversations about their work. Amy DeSitter participated in both of our early group exhibitions, and we’ve watched with interest as she developed the concepts and techniques used in this exhibition.

The work is displayed in the gallery in a loose timeline. DeSitter began with sketches in ink inspired by fragmented ice formations on the Missouri river; and moved to the small cards and paintings influenced by images she captured with a microscope view accessory on her phone’s camera; to the most recent iterations of her explorations: a planetary orb growing from a piece of plywood.

DeSitter’s paintings and drawings commit to neither the micro- nor the macro-view; rather, the work shifts through possible focal ranges as small as fibers and biological tissues, and as large as the glacial or the galactic. This flexibility leads the viewer to ruminations on the homogeneity of laws and elements making up the known universe, and the variety inherent in the bodies formed in accordance with those laws and of those few materials.

– Erin Lindsay Dodson

Amy’s website: amydesitter.com



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