March 17th – May 6th, 2023: Alex Skorija – LEADLIGHT

Kiosk Gallery is pleased to present Leadlight, a solo exhibition of paintings by Alex Skorija. These abstract works reflect the artist’s intuitive and emotive process of experimenting with a variety of compositional possibilities. Skorija’s paintings evoke a sense of luminosity with their sensitivity to color and contemplative subtlety. The show opens on 3rd Friday, March 17th and runs through Saturday, May 6th


My drawings and paintings can suggest windows into elusive spaces. Abstracted lines divide and cross within the composition. This framework of space can be concrete or cloudy, worked over or quickly defined. In the paintings negative spaces are filled in with layered colors recalling Gothic stained-glass windows. Oddly familiar forms emerge or are blocked out, expressing things seen through my lived experience. 

I start with quickly sketched thumbnails that focus on composition and line within a frame. These ideation sessions are unconscious and a way to propose images that can be explored further. The small drawings are reinterpreted on canvas, paper, or cardboard allowing the material and intuition to guide the work. 


Alex Skorija (b. 1988, Kansas City) lives and works in Kansas City. He was a student at the Kansas City Art Institute before receiving his BFA in Fine Arts from Washburn University. He has shown locally in Kansas City.


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