November 18th 2022 – Jan. 7th 2023: KIOSK x 10 & TENDING

On 3rd Friday in November, Kiosk will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the gallery with KIOSK x 10 – a group exhibition and print sale fundraiser. In the back room of the gallery, artist and Kiosk co-founder Eric Dodson has created a temporary, immersive bricolage installation.

KIOSK x 10 brings together artists we’ve worked with since we started in 2012, spanning our very first to our most recent shows. These artists donated the digital images, and we made small prints, which will be for sale beginning opening night! Prices range from $20-$35, so they make great gifts too.

TENDING is an installation of found objects, construction materials, cast forms, drawings, sound, and light, temporarily transforming the back room of the gallery. In the process of creating an immersive space, artist Eric Dodson brings together ideas, emotions, and materials from his professional work, creative life, family responsibilities and personal history to completely capsize and reanimate a corner of his workspace.

Kiosk never would have been possible without the collaboration of KC’s artist community, and we are excited to take a look back at what has blossomed from that partnership. We want to say thank you to all the visitors and artists who have come through our doors – this has meant so much to us.

Opening reception: Friday, November 18th, 6-9 PM
Show runs through January 7th, 2023
Gallery hours: Saturdays 12-4 PM and by appointment

Holiday closures:
Saturday, November 26th
Saturday, December 24th
Saturday, December 31st

KIOSK x 10 participating artists:
Adam Crowley
Adam Swift Lucas
Amy DeSitter
Cesar Lopez
Christopher Lowrance
Craig Deppen Auge
David Alpert
Dora Agbas
Eric Dodson
Erin Dodson
Fred Trease
Garry Noland
Gary Pycior
Jessica Heikes
Joe Bussell
Kadie Nugent
Kathy Liao
Lilly McElroy
Melissa Donoho
Patricia Orpilla
Paul Maloney
R Kolar
SK Reed
Thomas Luna

Eric Dodson – TENDING


Eric Dodson is a Kansas City-based artist, curator, musician, and writer. He studied Graphic Design / Illustration and Studio Art at Wichita State University. Eric is the co-founder and director of Kiosk Gallery, an artist-run space in Kansas City, MO since 2012.

Artist Statement:
This exhibition reflects on my time, effort and care spent in preparing and maintaining the gallery space, as well as my experiences with caregiving with respect to our home and family. The work is an extension and expansion of my previous explorations with found objects, building materials, and construction processes.

My assemblage work examines objects and materials outside the context of their intended usage patterns. Here, this is applied to building materials such as drywall, stucco, and plaster. This questions the manner in which we tend to overlook and take for granted structures around us that influence our daily lives. The delineations of space which guide us through our days are largely encountered subconsciously, as are the internal boundaries which guide our psychologies. This affects ideas of our own self-identities and collective identities, concerning where we fit in the world – where we are allowed to move freely, and where we are prohibited from movement.

This installation project functions more as an overall space in itself than as a grouping of discrete art objects. The improvised construction includes functional objects I’ve made for each of the gallery spaces we’ve inhabited, and scrap materials leftover from those processes, as well as objects accumulated from each of the spaces. These materials are presented alongside evidence of my artistic practice, including art objects and the leavings produced by the processes of making them. The structure recalls the very act of creating a space to house or contain something, and plays against notions of perfectionism and standards of technical performance.

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