June 21-July 12, 2013: Currents, Abstract


image by Luke Firle

In 2012, the world celebrated a century of abstract art – 100 years beginning with the first abstract works shown by Picabia, Kandinsky, and their contemporaries. Today, Kiosk Gallery presents Currents, Abstract in celebration of this centennial.

Kiosk invited emerging artists to submit abstract works in any medium. The resulting presentation pays homage to various traditions in abstraction – following the path cut by those early innovators, through the currents of 20th century art and beyond.

In these works the viewer can see the concerns of the current day, acted out in images that are removed from realistic representation. Some of the works hint at the endless possibilities presented by the availability of digital manipulation, or the expanding reservoir of information coming from the documentation of outer space (and the inner space of the human body.) The global economy looms heavily, and one artist frets over a pile of fibers and a desire to avoid a life of pushing cheaply produced wearables onto consumers. The first artists creating abstract works were reacting to the innovations and ideas of their time, and the same is true for many of the artists represented here today.

(Installation images courtesy of Genevieve D’silva)

install1aL to R: Melissa Walker, Kaycie Booher, Sarah Goodchild Robb, Frederick Vorder-Bruegge, Luke Firle, Katie Simpson Spain, Shannon McBride, Lynn Benson

install2aL to R: Gary Pycior, Eric Dodson, Brantly Sheffield, Phil “Sike Style” Shafer, Erin Lindsay Dodson

install3aL to R: Erin Lindsay Dodson, Stephanie Bloss, Amy DeSitter

install4aL to R: Melissa Walker, Kaycie Booher

install5aShannon McBride

install6aSarah Goodchild Robb

Featuring work by:

Amy DeSitter
Brantly Sheffield
Eric Dodson
Erin Lindsay Dodson
Frederick Vorder-Bruegge
Gary Pycior
Katie Simpson Spain
Kaycie Booher
Luke Firle
Lynn Benson
Melissa Walker
Phil “Sike Style” Shafer
Sarah Goodchild Robb
Shannon McBride
Stephanie Bloss

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