Guest Curator Session Two: marcus scott williams

Our second guest curator for Beyond 2020 Vision, marcus scott williams, brought together ten works from the open call submissions. As williams notes, “over the past year, ducked inside as against some’s nature, we’ve been having to reconfigure the borders of our comfortable spaces, in/external. bubbles now come equipped with walls. some escaped into literature; some escaped to new accessible digital houseparties; some, still, Still, struggle with that in/external confinement. in all, perspectives rotate like Earth’s axis. with the pieces i chose, what i was impacted by, subconsciously searching for, were pieces that expressed some desire for comfortable space. a single tree on the block becomes a moment of peace in the neighborhood. one becomes one with the couch cushions. what do we need to take away from a year inside, that will strip the scary from outside?”

Congratulations to Kristen Devlin, Lilly McElroy, Logan Hathaway, Mike Sinclair, Riley Weaver, Robert Hodgson, Tim Sella, anonymous artist and Zachary Deitrickson, on your selections in this group.

In response to the prompts in the open call, as well as the work he reviewed, marcus scott williams shared his covid-era freestyle writings called “some life indoors.” He is making the full text available (link coming soon), but you can swipe through here to get a glimpse into the daily life of this NY-based writer as he navigated the pandemic and attempted to create a safe space at home.

marcus scott williams is a writer and artist from Kansas City Missouri living in New York City. his works include “Sparse Black Whimsy: A Memoir” (2fast2house 2017) and “damn near might still be is what it is” (Noemi 2022). Collaborations with both haul and HOUSING galleries, as well as work appearing in the Black Warrior Review, will also slide through 2021. he loves and appreciates you. 

marcus photo credit: Kassanda Pinero

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