January 17th – March 12th, 2020: Adam Crowley – Still Life



Please join us 3rd Friday, January 17th, as Kiosk Gallery presents Adam Crowley: Still Life, a solo exhibition of oil paintings. Crowley alternates strategies in painting to emphasize the nature of time in the lives of the objects he paints.

Artist Statement:

These paintings have been made in the last two years, and focus on how painting can address the coalescence of a moment of time and space. Painting from photographs allows one to study in depth a very specific moment in a very specific place in time. Taking weeks to study and render this fleeting moment, one, in effect, extends that moment both historically and culturally. Conversely, painting from observation things that have been dug up from the ground, or found in the environment, allows one to paint a specific part of history; the piece of stone that has taken millions of years to form, or the branch of a tree that has been growing, unnoticed, for decades.

The field of grey that surrounds the pictorial facet of the paintings retains an elemental aspect to the work. It also roots the canvas itself in reality, a definite object on a wall, a place marker in time. By offsetting the imagistic area of the canvas towards one corner of the picture plane, the image can be seen as less than important, or at least not put in a position of immediate importance.

I work in oil on canvas or panel. I use elements of landscape and still life, which are very traditional painting structures. I’m interested in using these well known forms in the contemporary landscape to reinforce the idea of historical building blocks, while at the same time making them relevant in the time that they were created.


Adam Crowley is an artist living and working in Kansas City, MO. He has exhibited locally and nationally.

Adam Crowley

Artist’s Reception:
Friday, January 17th, 2020
6-9 pm
show runs through March 12th

Open Hours:
Fridays 12-6 pm
Saturdays 12-4 pm
& by appointment

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