May 17th – July 11th, 2019: Ann Resnick – ticktock


Please join us on 3rd Friday in May as Kiosk Gallery presents Ann Resnick: ticktock, a solo exhibition of large scale works on paper. Resnick applies drawing and painting as well as burning processes as a way to engage in an intentional, mindful experience and documentation of time.

Artist Statement:

My work takes time as its central theme. In particular, I am interested in time and aging; how one acts on the other, how recognizing the limits of time forces a constant recalculation—time multiplied by effort—what can a person reasonably get done with a finite number of years ahead and dwindling energy? How can one, in the end, assess the caliber of one’s efforts?

Marking time, keeping track of how long it takes to make or do something has become my raison d’être; chronicling the passing hours is a way of asserting existence, a way of saying, “I was there then.” “I am here now.”

To that end, I make work that has a time signature, a starting point, an end point. There will be no question of “where did the time go” when I am done.

Process, media and content have mostly been agreeable companions in recent work. I use a combination of drawing, hand-made stencils, spray paint and burned paper to make my work. Currently, process is privileged over content, charting a different route in pursuit of more satisfying answers to my questions.


Ann Resnick (b. Syracuse, NY), received a BFA, magna cum laude from the University of North Carolina after studying in less traditional programs in Alaska and upstate NY.

Currently living and working in Wichita, KS, Resnick has exhibited throughout Kansas and Missouri, as well as New York, North Carolina and Japan.

Artist’s reception: Friday, May 17th, from 6-9 pm

Open Hours: Fridays 12-6 pm, Saturdays 12-4 pm, and by appointment

Closures: Saturday, May 25th for Memorial Day weekend
Friday, June 14th & Saturday, June 15th for Boulevardia
Friday, July 5th & Saturday, July 6th for 4th of July weekend



Image courtesy Ann Resnick
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