August 18th – September 7th, 2017- Christopher Lowrance: Everything is Alright

On 3rd Friday in August, Kiosk Gallery presents a solo exhibition of paintings by Christopher Lowrance. From the artist’s statement:

“It seems to me that in the present moment there is some adventure to be had in painting’s potential to find beauty in unlikely places. Most recently I am interested in working with a kind of compromised portraiture. With a bratty idea lifted from a punk rock album cover, I have started a series of large scale portraits, the heads of all the figures in the paintings upside down, sideways or out of scale.

“These are physical paintings, allowing color, surface, imagery and allusion to vie for effect. The author’s intentions, the materiality of paint, the history embedded in the work, the allusions to art history and other familiar imagery, the figures themselves all complicate the matter of what are these paintings about. And, while it is frequently possible to say this painting is an allegory for this, or this object is a symbol for that, it might not be that useful to do so.”

Christopher Lowrance is a working artist, educator, curator and writer living in Kansas City. Lowrance is an art instructor at University of Central Missouri. He earned a BFA in Painting and Drawing from Missouri State University, and an MFA in Painting from Indiana University.

An artist’s reception will be held Friday, August 18th from 6-9 pm. The show runs through September 7th, with open hours on Fridays 12-6 pm, and Saturdays 12-4 pm. We will be closed on Saturday, September 2nd for Labor Day Weekend.

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