September 20 – November 8, 2013: Marc Bosworth & Eric Dodson: Tactile Diagrams

In this exhibition, Marc Bosworth and Eric Dodson explore the visual representation of information in textural combinations of found objects, hardware, and paint. The surfaces encourage the viewer to use his or her senses to form a mental map of the work and imagine how it could feel, without touching it. Some of the images and materials used are derived from architectural or medical charting papers, or leftover, disjointed sentences and instructions – though a cohesive message may remain unraveled. The artists’ focus on the visual topography of the works and unfolding information invites the viewer to synthesize an imagined map of sensation and meaning.  The show runs through November 8th by appointment. – ERIN DODSON

Marc Eric Postcard

show_3869work by Eric Dodson

show_3859work by Marc Bosworth

show_3867work by Eric Dodson

show_3858work by Eric Dodson

show_3786work by Marc Bosworth

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